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   Acacia robusta   
Acacia robusta
This tree is found on the edges of rivers and streams, and may be found further from permanent water, in higher rainfall areas.

It is the most conspicuously upright, often very large thorn-tree, next to rivers, and has exceptionally dense, dark green, feathery foliage. Trees reach a height of 25
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The Mighty Aphid
20-04-2010 22:14
Also called plant lice they are the bane of any plant enthusiast.

Aphids are found throughout our green planet, but are most common in temperate zones. They can migrate great distances, mainly passively through wind dispersal. Aphids have also been spread by human transportation by freighting contaminated foods.

The Anatomy of the little terror's are that they come in a variety of colours black, brown, pink and commonly green.
The Mighty Aphid
What's flowering this month?
Rhodocoma fruticosa
Rhodocoma fruticosa
Leucospermum muirii
Leucospermum muirii
Salvia africana-caerulea
Salvia africana-caerulea
Adenandra obtusata
Adenandra obtusata
Agathosma serpyllacea
Agathosma serpyllacea
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Try these hikes in the WESTERN CAPE...
Tartarus Cave Tiring    No exposure to heights 
Where: Boyes Drive
Duration: 3.5 hrs
Lions Head Tiring    Moderately exposed (not for people with serious fear of heights) 
Lions Head
Where: CapeTown South africa
Duration: 4 - 5hrs
Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine Strenuous    Some mild rock scrambling 
Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine
Where: Suikerbossie Circuit, Hout Bay
Duration: 5hrs
Sedgefield Country Walk An easy stroll    No exposure to heights 
Where: Sedgefield
Duration: 3.5 hrs
  Hike of the week  
  Harkerville Hiking Trail  
  Province: WESTERN CAPE  
  Duration: 2 days  
  Distance: 27km  
  Strenuous    Very exposed (not for people with even a mild fear of heights)  
Harkerville Hiking Trail
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  Mushroom of the week  
Amanita Phalloides
  Photo submitted: klair (1 April 2013)  
  photo © Fred Stevens  
Amanita Phalloides
Deadly Deadly
Size: 40 - 150 mm
Spore bearing: gills Gills
flat  scales  free  crowded
equal  bulbous  pendant
Smooth, slightly shiny when wet. Deadly poisonous - the most poisonous mushroom known.
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  Some other deadly mushrooms...  
Cortinarius sanguineus
Cortinarius sanguineus
Amanita Pantherina
Amanita Pantherina
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Shedding Light on the Moser Lamp
Shedding Light on the Moser Lamp 21-09-2014 16:48
In the midst of yet another electricity blackout in the Brazilian countryside in 2002, Alfredo Moser, a mechanic from Southern Brazil’s Uberaba, and his friends discussed ways to beckon rescuers during an emergency.
African Farmers Urged To Change Ways Because Weather Is Changing
African Farmers Urged To Change Ways Because Weather Is Changing 29-03-2014 15:39
PEMBA, Zambia — A few decades ago, corn farmers here in Zambia’s rural southern province could predict when the annual rains would begin almost to the day.
RISING TIDAL POWER. 21-02-2012 18:13
Schools of fish.
21-02-2012 18:10
Sorry Europe.
21-02-2012 18:08
It wasn’t too many year’s ago that many thought the U.


Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway
Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway 10-06-2014 17:33
The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a new curved steel and timber bridge that winds and dips its way through and over the trees of the Arboretum.
Happy Feet tag not transmitting.
Happy Feet tag not transmitting. 12-09-2011 05:49
Happy Feet, the penguin who was given a second lease on life and was given a lift part of the way back to his antarctic home has disappeared from the radar.
Plant to process disposable nappies into roof tiles?
Plant to process disposable nappies into roof tiles? 12-09-2011 05:41
A new plant is due to open today in in West Bromwich in the UK, designed to recycle disposable nappies and other similar items recovering the components which can then be used to manufacture a range of building products including roof tiles.
Follow Happy Feet's Journey Home
Follow Happy Feet's Journey Home 05-09-2011 15:49
Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin who lost his way and found himself stuck on a beach in New Zealand back in June and eating sand instead of snow has been released back into the wild.
Welcome to the world's 7 Billionth person.
Welcome to the world's 7 Billionth person. 02-09-2011 16:04
Well the experts don't think that they have arrived yet but it is predicted that during October somewhere in the world, probably India or China, the most populous nations on the planet, a birth will bring the total number of humans living on this fragile globe to 7 billion.
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