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About Green Planet?  

What is Green Planet?

Green Planet aims to provide a comprehensive field identification guide to plants and mushrooms.

We want to encourage an interest and appreciation for the nature surrounding us and create an environment where plant and mushroom enthusiasts can share their experience and knowledge.
Join us in sharing your passion and create a connection with like-minded people.

How did Green Planet get started?

We are a young couple with a passion for plants and nature.
Both of us are IT professionals with no botanical training, but our love and interest in plants has driven us to want to share our passion with others.

Our decision to create Green Planet was driven by what we found to be a complete lack of searchable information on the web. Many website have a wealth of information, but we found it to be completely lacking in searchability. If you don't know the name of a plant you are cpmpletely reliant on sifting through search engines to identify a plant.


Plant and mushroom field identification guide:
These areas provide detailed information, photographs and advanced search features that make identification a breeze.

Your input:

Members of Green Planet are encouraged to participate, contribute and interact with the website.

• Add a new plant or mushroom that doesn't exist on the website yet.

• Edit and make changes to plant or mushroom information that you find lacking.

• Take photographs and submit them.

• Add your comments (this could include personal experiences, growing tips etc).

Articles & News:

Write an article about any green subject that you or other Green Planet members might find interesting.

Use the news area for information on current events and happenings.


The Green Planet calendar allows members to share events that will be of interest to the green community.
As a member you also have access to your own private personal calendar where you can add both community events and personal events.
As a member you can opt to be emailed a reminder the day before an event so you never forget an important date.

Hiking / Walks:

Hiking and walking encourages people to get out and explore nature.
This is a good time to use the informations found on Green Planet.
We encourage our members to take and submit photographs of both the hike and the plants they discovered on the trail.

Green Blogs:

Green Planet members can chat about any green topics.
Share your opinion, have your say, start a discussion.

Member benefits?

Becoming a Green Planet member is FREE and quick and easy to do.
CLICK HERE to register now and get access to:

• Submit your photographs.

• Comment on plants, mushrooms, hikes, articles etc.

• Add new plants, mushrooms, hikes, articles etc.

• Personal calendar.

• Add plants, mushrooms, hikes, articles etc. to your favorites for future reference.

Copyright content?

Although we discourage our users from entering copyright information into the website, if they do use content gathered from external sources they must use the "references" textbox to give credit to the original source.

Green Planet website content is designed for educational and informative purposes and not for commercial gain.


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