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Cederberg Tafelberg The Spout

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Duration: EDIT 5 days
Distance: EDIT
Difficulty: EDIT  Strenuous
Fear Factor: EDIT  Moderately exposed (not for people with serious fear of heights)
Last updated: 4 September 2011
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Description EDIT
Drive north from Cape Town to the town of Citrusdal. Just north of the town a gravel road will take you to the Algeria forest station, and then on into the Cedarberg.

starting at Algeria forest station and climbing to the Middelberg hut and then on to the Crystal Pool area, finally gaining the Shale band by the very beautiful Engelsmans Kloof. This part of the Cedarberg is my favourite and includes golden grass plains, stunning rock features and isolated boulders of all sizes (great bouldering here), rivers and pools, and a wonderful remote sort of feeling. Engelsmans Kloof tops out at the base of Sneeukop, the region's third highest peak at 1930m. You can bag it or move on to Tafelberg, roughly 12km down the track. There are plenty of huts on this route, and flat camping is plentiful.

A permit is required to hike in the Cedarberg
The mountain can be climbed all year round, but in winter snow and ice are common.
There are a variety of caves and huts to chose from. Your nearest spot is Welbedacht Cave, which is reached by a path branching of the the right (south) near the top of the Kloof. This provides shelter for about 10 people.

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