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Doornkraal Mountain Route

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Duration: EDIT 1 day
Distance: EDIT 18km
Difficulty: EDIT  Strenuous
Fear Factor: EDIT  Some mild rock scrambling
Last updated: 1 April 2010
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Description EDIT
Approximately 18 km in length. The route is clearly marked. This route is known for its characteristic panoramic view up to where the Bushveld meets the Highveld.

The 8 km mountainous part has a reasonable difficult stage. Lots of rock and considerable climbing till you get near the cliffs. This area does not have running water during the winter and consists of dry walks, clefts, cliffs and valleys.

Particular trees to be found - a meter diameter Wild Olive, enormous Kiepersol trees, big Maroela, Red Alder and Boekenhout trees. A Bird shelter melts in with the surrounding at one of the dams. The rest of the route runs along the old farrow or river bank circled with willow trees. The remains of an old Matabele Kraal is still visible.

This full day route joins in with the shorter Bird Hiking Route and can be walked in one day. Maps are available on request. Overnight available at the Doornkraal Guesthouse.

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