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Laccaria Laccata

   (Family: Tricholomataceae)
Common name: The Deceiver, waxy laccaria EDIT
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Edibility: EDIT Edible
Size: 6 - 60 mm
Rusty (Ferruginous)
Spore bearing structure:   Gills
Spore colour:
Smell / taste: not distinctive
Fruiting season: winter
General info: EDIT
A white-spored species of small edible mushroom . It is a highly variable mushroom (hence "deceiver"), and can look quite washed out, colorless and drab, but when younger it often assumes red, pinkish brown, and orange tones. The species is often considered by mushroom collectors to be a "mushroom weed".
Pileus (Cap) / Gill: EDIT
Pileus (Cap) shape: convex
Pileus (Cap) decorations: glabrous
Gill attachment: free
Gill has decurrent tooth:  
Gill spacing: distant
  Pileus (Cap) / Gill info: EDIT
  Gills Sub-distand, deep adnate, and notched. Pink or pinkish, often dusted white with spores.
Stem: EDIT
Stem shape: equal
Stem base: unswollen
Annulus: none
  Stem info: EDIT
  Stem 35mm-100mm high x 6-10mm. Firm, hollow, often compressed.
Habitat: Grows in woods
Habitat info: EDIT
Laccaria laccata is found in scattered troops in wooded areas, and on heathland often in poor soil.
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