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Agaricus campestris

   (Family: Agaricaceae)
Common name: Field mushroom EDIT
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Edibility: EDIT Choice
Size: 30 - 100 mm
Grayish or grayish brown (fuscous)
Spore bearing structure:   Gills
Smell / taste: Pleasantly mush-roomy
Fruiting season: winter
General info: EDIT
The cap is white, may have fine scales, it is first hemispherical in shape before flattening out with maturity. Flesh fairly firm. White, becoming pink when cut.
Pileus (Cap) / Gill: EDIT
Pileus (Cap) shape: convex
Pileus (Cap) decorations: scales
Gill attachment: free
Gill has decurrent tooth:  
Gill spacing: crowded
  Pileus (Cap) / Gill info: EDIT
  The gills are initially pink, then red-brown and finally a dark brown, as is the spore print.
Stem: EDIT
Stem shape: tapering to base
Stem base: unswollen
Annulus: pendant
  Stem info: EDIT
  The 30 mm to 100 mm tall stem is predominately white and bears a single thin ring. The taste is mild. The white flesh bruises slightly reddish.
Habitat: Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides
Habitat info: EDIT
Mainly open fields or grassed area in forest or on roadside verges, common after good rains.
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6 July 2011 09:01
Wonderful to eat very tasty, best time to search is in May June just after the first rains, make sure you check for any yellow staining, after its been cut.
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