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Russula Sardonia

   (Family: Russulaceae)
Common name: Brittle Cap, Purple-stemmed Russula, sickercap EDIT
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Edibility: EDIT Inedible
Size: 40 - 120 mm
Purplish red (Vinaceous)
Spore bearing structure:   Gills
Flesh: Flesh discolours when cut, bruised or damaged
Spore colour:
Cream or yellowish
Smell / taste: Faintly fruity.
Fruiting season: autumn
General info: EDIT
Synonym: Russula drimeia.

Colour varies from a pinky purple through to a deep purplish red. They are typically common, fairly large, and brightly colored - making them one of the most recognizable genera among mycologists and mushroom collectors. Their distinguishing characteristics include a white to dark yellow spore print, brittle free white gills.
Pileus (Cap) / Gill: EDIT
Pileus (Cap) shape: depressed
Pileus (Cap) decorations: glabrous
Gill attachment: adnexed
Gill has decurrent tooth:  
Gill spacing: crowded
  Pileus (Cap) / Gill info: EDIT
  Convex to flat with central depression.
Gills protrude slightly beyond margin, some split at the margin. Pink-lilac with greenish tones, to a rich purple, usually paler towards the margin. Colour often fades as a result of the rain.
Stem: EDIT
Stem shape: tapering to base
Stem base: unswollen
Annulus: none
  Stem info: EDIT
  30mm-80mm long x 10mm-15mm at apex. Cream with varying degrees of purple staining.Crisp, apple-like texture. This varies from the Russula capensis were the stem is white.
Habitat: Grows in woods
Habitat info: EDIT
Common under pine trees during the rainy season in the south-western Cape inedible, but not poisonous, Has a very hot, peppery taste. Chemical test Gills and ring run red after the application of a few drops of 50% ammonia solution but it may take between 30 and 60 minutes for a result to show.
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