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Thelebolus terrestris

   (Family: Thelebolaceae )
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Edibility: EDIT Inedible
Size: 3 - 5 mm
Staining yellow (Lutescent)
Spore colour:
General info: EDIT
These bright yellow to orange fungi start off as tiny spheres and develop into bowl-shaped fruitbodies, typically up to 3mm across but exceptionally to 5mm.
Pileus (Cap) / Gill: EDIT
Gill has decurrent tooth:  
  Pileus (Cap) / Gill info: EDIT
  They have smooth hymenial or spore-producing upper surfaces, while the infertile (outer edge of the cup-shaped fruitbodies) surface is slightly paler and scurfy.

The short-stemmed cups are initially round but develop irregular margins where they push up against other fruitbodies.
Stem: EDIT
Habitat: Grows on plant material/manure
Habitat info: EDIT
Mostly these little fungi grow on various kinds of dung or rotting vegetation, often on disturbed soil beside woodland paths.

Thelebolus terrestris occurs also throughout most of western Europe, from Scandinavia (where it is a relatively common sight on deer droppings) right down to northern Spain. There are references to this species occurring in Russia and also in Canada.
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