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Pileus (Cap) / Gill:
Cap Shape:   Unknown   None   Glabrous   Patches   Wart   Scales   Fibrous   Trichodermium   Granulose   Zonate
Cap Decorations:   Unknown   None   Ovoid   Campanulate   Convex   Umbillicate   Conical   Flat   Depressed   Umbonate   Infundibuliform
Gill attachment:   Unknown   None   Free   Adnexed   Emarginate   Seceding   Subdecurrent   Sinuate   Adnate   Decurrent
Gill spacing:   Unknown   None   Distant   Close   Crowded
Stem Shape:   Unknown   None   Equal   Tapering to base   Tapering to apex   Clavate   Ventricose
Stem shape:   Unknown   None   Unswollen   Bulbous   Angular   Tapering   Radicating
Annulus:   Unknown   None   Pendant   Flaring   Sheathing   Double   Cortina
Amanita Strobiliformis
Coprinus disseminatus
Coprinus plicatilis
Laccaria Laccata
Lentinus sajor-caju
Leucoagaricus cretaceus
Limacella guttata
Macrolepiota Praeclara
Macrolepiota rhacodes
Macrolepiota Zeyheri
Russula Capensis
Schizophyllum commune
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