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Hurrican Irene getting closer to the US Coastline    
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Hurricane Irene continues to bear down on the US coastline and is currently expected to make landfall over the weekend. Currently a category three storm with winds up to 120 km/ hr the storm could according to experts easily grow and be reclassified to category four within the day with wind speeds exceeding 155 km/hr.
Irene has already ripped through the Bahamas doing considerable damage to structures on the islands and the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have been similarly affected by the storm as it passed over them earlier in the week.
The current prediction of the hurricane’s path take it along the coast risking damage in North Carolina and potentially New York, Long Island and New England. Officials in New Jersey have ordered a mandatory evacuation of some 750, 000 people according to news reports on line.

Article posted by: Whistling Jack (26 August 2011) [Send private message]
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