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Welcome to the world's 7 Billionth person.    
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Well the experts don't think that they have arrived yet but it is predicted that during October somewhere in the world, probably India or China, the most populous nations on the planet, a birth will bring the total number of humans living on this fragile globe to 7 billion. Actualy the 7 Billion mark could have already been reached, nobody knows for sure and the proposed date of the arrival is to a degree notional.
What is known though is that at the time of Jesus there were around 300 Million people on earth so the growth has been pretty much exponential.
It is estimated that there are three babies born somewhere in the world every second but the demographics are quite varied. Industrial nations such as Germany are seeing a reduction in birth rates whilst developing nations see the opposite.

Germany for example has currently some 80 million people, much the same as Ethiopia, however predictions are that in forty years time there will be 174 Million Ethiopians but only 72 million Germans.
The real figures and the predictions are underscored by a good deal of speculation however. The influence of famines, wars, natural disasters and such infectious diseases as HIV make prediction something of an educated guess at best.
In Botswana it is estimated that one in four are infected with HIV but this hasn't stopped the growth of the population in that country.
The question is how does the planet sustain all those people. There are currently an estimated 1.5 Billion living on less than $1.25 a day whilst wealthy nations still adhere to vastly wasteful practices in terms of food and energy.
The environmental organisation WWF estimates that three planets will be needed by 2050 if we do not change our habits.

Article posted by: Whistling Jack (2 September 2011) [Send private message]
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