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Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin who lost his way and found himself stuck on a beach in New Zealand back in June and eating sand instead of snow has been released back into the wild.

He got a lift part of the way on a research vessel but still has approximately 2600Kms to go before he meets up with his mates. Recent tracking data suggested that he might be heading back towards the land of the long white cloud but hopes are that he will find his way or meet up with other adolescent penguins who can show him the way home. Right now he seems to zig zagging which implies that he is feeding.
He was fitted with a lightweight tracking device before release and you can keep tabs on his progress on the following link:

Apparently penguins feed in a zig zag pattern but once on the move they go in a straight line.

Happy Feet's tracker is turned on seven hours a day, from 6am to 9am New Zealand time, and then from 8pm to midnight.

Let's all hope that he makes it home.

Article posted by: Whistling Jack (5 September 2011) [Send private message]
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