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Plant to process disposable nappies into roof tiles?    
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A new plant is due to open today in in West Bromwich in the UK, designed to recycle disposable nappies and other similar items recovering the components which can then be used to manufacture a range of building products including roof tiles.

The plant owned by Canadian company Knowaste, is expected to have the capacity to process a fifth of all the "absorbant hygiene products in the waste stream". In the UK some Million Tonnes of such products get discarded each year, much of it ending up in landfill sites.
The disposable nappy, what many environmentalists refer to as "The convenience curse of the 21st century", is a major contributor to waste and the Knowaste plant expects to be able to save some 110,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.

Article posted by: Whistling Jack (12 September 2011) [Send private message]
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