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Happy Feet tag not transmitting.    
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Happy Feet, the penguin who was given a second lease on life and was given a lift part of the way back to his antarctic home has disappeared from the radar. The transmitter fitted to the penguin has stopped transmitting and currently it isn't known if this is a permanent failure or not. It could be that interference from factors including solar flares has upset the system, the tracking device which was glued on could have become dislodged or Happy Feet may have used up his nine lives (or how many it is that penguins have).
Only time will tell but if there are no more readings from the tracker we will all just have to hope that Happy Feet made it after all. He had been making steady progress on his journey south when the tracker readings stopped. Updates are available from

Article posted by: Whistling Jack (12 September 2011) [Send private message]
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