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What flower is that?
Flower overall colour: Which month did you see it flowering in?
Shape:   Unknown   Star   Pea-like   Tube   Cup/bell   Salver   Trumpet   2-lipped   Funnel
Type:   Unknown   Solitary   Spike   Raceme   Panicle   Corymb   Cyme   Umbel   Head   Spadix   Catkin
Calodendrum capense
Cannabis sativa
Capparis tomentosa
Carissa macrocarpa
Carpobrotus edulis
Cassine peragua
Cassine transvaalensis
Celtis africana
Chaenostoma subspicatum
Chascanum cernuum
Chlorophytum rigidum
Chlorophytum triflorum
Chlorophytum undulatum
Chrysanthemoides monilifera
Clivia caulescens
Clivia gardenii
Clivia miniata
Colchicum capense
Colchicum coloratum
Coleonema album
Combretum bracteosum
Commelina africana
Commiphora harveyi
Convolvulus capensis
Corycium orobanchoides
Cotula lineariloba
Cotyledon orbiculata
Cotyledon pendens
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