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Why is synthetic turf loved by families?

When it’s time to play and get a good dose of good old outside sunshine and vitamin D. Chase the kids out of the house and let them romp on a safe lawn of artificial grass. Kids love it. 

Artificial lawns are a great choice as they are porous, UV stabilized and a good replacement for sand, muddy grass or hard surfaces. 

They can be installed successfully on hard or soft surfaces with good drainage providing the sub-base structure is done correctly on soft surfaces. 

Yay! No more muddy footprints on your clean floors.

Greenplanet™ Artificial Grass have professional installation teams who are well trained  to install quality garden lawns. Cape Town, Hermanus and the Overberg are popular service areas. But through affiliates, our Greenplanet™ Brand of premium turf can be installed anywhere in South Africa or across borders.

Let us take good care of your synthetic turf requirements with with minimal impact on your privacy and lifestyle.

Refer to our “HOW TO” page for more info on installations of synthetic turf.

Is artificial grass safe for kids?

Yes, artificial grass is perfectly safe for kids of all shapes and sizes. Even pimply teenagers and husbands reliving their childhood.

The myth that artificial grass is not suitable for children is false. Granted, earlier generations of turf might have been a little hard or scratchy. But thanks to advances in technology and science, new generation turf is safe for the whole family. This is why it is also such a popular choice for playgrounds and schoolyards. In some respects you might even find it more hygenic than the real McCoy especially for people with allergies like hay fever.

That said however, beware of cheap and nasty imitations that do not adhere to safety protocols. Unfortunately, like in any industry, some clown out there is always trying to cut corners to make an extra quick buck. All you need to do is check out a few suppliers and you will find that the reputable companies’ prices will be fairly similar for the same spec product. If you are offered cheap product, see this as a red flag, get a sample and compare it yourself to the others. You will immediately see and feel the difference. So for your family’s safety, please steer clear of cheap imitations. 

Which artificial grass is right for you?

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Home Sweet Home
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Urban Living
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Design Inspirations
Rugby players
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Artificial grass in a restaurant
Synthetic turf in office
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About our Greenplanet™ Brand

Our Greenplanet™ Brand of premium new generation artificial grass is renowned for it’s high quality, beautiful look and natural feel which sets it aside from other brands as an unrivaled leader in the synthetic turf industry.

Our comprehensive range of turf includes landscaping for indoor or outdoor applications, sports fields for FIFA football, FIH hockey, ITF tennis, World Rugby and multi-function surfaces like golf, cricket and padel.

Combine all of the above with our reputation for good service and reliability and you have a winning formula.

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FYI Artificial grass is also known as fake, faux, synthetic turf or lawn.