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Balconies & Terraces

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Transform your balcony, terrace or patio with synthetic turf and enjoy a soft, weather-proof outdoor carpet instead of cold tiles or concrete.

Having a precious outdoor space in a garden is a plus for any home but if you live in an apartment or high-rise, you have to be a little innovative. Enter artificial turf, problem solved.

There are many types of fake grass that are suitable for this and with a little imagination you can create your own little piece of outdoor paradise in the sky. Who needs camping when you can pitch a tent on your own balcony. Well maybe not quite, but close if you let your imagination run.

Why install a fake turf balcony carpet

Add colour-Artificial grass is an innovative way to add colour and give an “outdoorsy” feel to your space 

Camouflage-Camouflage or hide old tiles or concrete, cracks, stains

Pets-Give your indoor pets a bit of their own garden as well. Synthetic turf has drainage and cleans up easily enough with a bit of dishwashing liquid and warm water.

Artificial grass on balcony

How to choose balcony artificial grass

Although it’s all “fake grass,” not all artificial turfs are really the same. Depending on how you plan to use it and the climate of your location, one type of turf may be a better choice for you than another.

There are a few things that you should consider when picking out your new artificial grass:

Texture-You can select firmer blades or softer. Softer turf is more enjoyable to walk on.

Density-Typically, you want to have a higher density of strands per square meter. The lower the density is, the sparser and more fake it will look and feel.

Length-The length of the grass you choose is your personal taste. How does it feel and look to you?

See some more ideas for balconies using artificial grass  

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Benefits of balcony turf installation

Artificial grass is ideal for balconies because it’s soft, barefoot-friendly and spruces up the look of your space. Turf does not require the same maintenance as natural grass so it is a lot more versatile as to where it can be installed, including balconies and patios (see how to install artificial grass on a hard surface). Here are a few benefits:

Enhance your space

The most obvious reason to install artificial grass on a balcony or patio terrace is to make your space more cosmetically pleasing. Balcony turf adds more functionality to your most unusable areas. Adding artificial turf to your outdoor areas also improves property value. You can create almost any space you want because the grass can be cut and placed around any obstructions. This also gives you the option to only partially cover your area with artificial grass. The possibilities are endless. Your creativity can create the perfect space to entertain guests or simply have your morning coffee.

Safety benefits

Installing artificial grass on your balconies, rooftop decks, and patios terraces also brings a softer and safer surface. Concrete and wood surfaces can become very slippery when wet and pose a dangerous risk. Laying down turf can help avoid mold and mildew growth on your deck as well. Drain core is installed underneath the turf to alleviate the area of moisture quickly. It is a good drainage for balcony turf. Also, artificial grass is significantly less slippery than concrete or wood when wet. 

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your freshly installed grass is quick and simple. Because it’s artificial, there is no need to keep it trimmed or watered. How nice does that sound? The turf can be cleaned like most indoor surfaces, it can even be vacuumed – yes you heard that right. For any unwanted leaves or foliage, you can simply pick them up by hand or use a rake to form a pile. For light spills or pet messes, we recommend using water and a cleaning solution to rinse the area. Don’t worry, your drainage system will soak up the moisture.


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If your property has a small courtyard, you may feel this space is wasted because you are not utilizing it fully.

But have you ever considered the possibility of transforming it with synthetic turf into  somewhere you would happily spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

No, well think again.

Even the smallest outdoor areas have the potential to be so much more than you could ever dream of.

Claim your own wasted space back and with some creative imagination, combine your need for peace, tranquility and privacy into a little haven that you and your family will look forward to relaxing in.

So, let your mind wander through these possibilities with a little inspiration from top designers and grass companies worldwide and of course, ourselves.

We hope that you find our courtyard ideas to be a source of inspiration enough for you to transform your little space with our artificial grass.

Reasons for using synthetic turf for courtyards

Sunlight. It does not need sunlight to stay looking attractive

Heavy outdoor furniture. It can accommodate heavy outdoor furniture and pot plants which would kill normal grass

Durable. It accommodates high foot traffic with minimal signs of wear and tear.

Visual impact. Faux turf increases your courtyard space visually and can transform stuffy unattractive areas into a cozy and beautiful space where you and your family will really want to spend time relaxing.

Texture combos. Synthetic turf can be combined with wood, paving, pebbles, green walls and other elements to create imaginative and original designs.

Stylish. Because of faux grass’s rapidly growing popularity, it is being used extensively by architects and landscape designers to give flair and style to projects.

Artificial grass in small courtyard
Courtyard with faux turf and geen wall combination

Types of courtyards with artificial grass

One of the best ways to make the most of your under utilized garden space is to extend your living space into it rather than having the two areas separated. An open-plan concept will not only breathe new life into your outdoor space but allow more natural light in. In the example shown above, you can see how this small courtyard is used as an extension to the living room. The surrounding plant life and attractive wood fence, as you can see, keeps your living space private yet inviting and perfect for social gatherings.

Garden Reception

Staying with the outdoor social theme, this small courtyard design in the first pic above features an artificial grass carpet, high fencing and small trees for privacy whilst adding a natural feel of space, so as you don’t feel hemmed in. 

The built in wooden seating in the shaded area under the trees, with some added outdoor furniture is the ideal spot for gatherings with friends and family or a quiet place just to have a moment to yourself with a good book and a cup of tea.

Extended Living

One of the best ways to make the most of your under utilized garden space is to extend your living space into it rather than having the two areas separated. An open-plan concept will not only breathe new life into your outdoor space but allow more natural light in. In the example shown above, you can see how this small courtyard is used as an extension to the living room. The surrounding plant life and attractive wood fence, as you can see, keeps your living space private yet inviting and perfect for social gatherings.

Garden Reception

Staying with the outdoor social theme, this small courtyard design below features an artificial grass carpet, high fencing and small trees for privacy whilst adding a natural feel of space, so as you don’t feel hemmed in. 

The built in wooden seating in the shaded area under the trees, with some added outdoor furniture is the ideal spot for gatherings with friends and family or a quiet place just to have a moment to yourself with a good book and a cup of tea.

Artificial grass in small courtyard


Sometimes, simplicity is the most effective as again illustrated above. Essentially just splitting space in two. Closest to the door, the garden is decked out with treated timber, where you could include an outdoor dining set if you like, with the second half of the space featuring a space that can be used any way that suits your lifestyle.

Garden courtyards with lawn and blossoms

Have your own slice of nature away from the concrete jungle.

Fill your courtyard with the colour of blooming flowers and plant life which combine well with your artificial lawn and create a beautiful space where you can  relax and admire your own creation. 

In closing, it really is up to you how you create your own little piece of paradise and by using the fresh green “outdoorsy” country vibe of artificial grass in your ultimate design, you won’t go wrong.

Artificial grass in flower garden

Home gardens

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Synthetic lawns are a durable and stylish alternative to natural grass.

Whether your lawn is used for romping kids and dogs or garden parties, it is almost impossible to maintain natural grass in good condition. Artificial turf is your solution to a perfect lawn for all occasions. Now you can enjoy your garden every single day of the year with an artificial lawn.

A wide range of different types of high-quality artificial grass is available for you to choose from. Once you have found the right grass, you will be able to enjoy it for many years. An artificial lawn is as good an investment as it is durable and has considerable longevity. Artificial grass should look and feel natural. A high quality grass will have matched height and density of the grass fibre to achieve a natural feel. Your artificial lawn will look amazing whatever the weather conditions are.

Artificial grass between paving slabs

The benefits of an artificial grass lawn in a nutshell

  • Looks like natural grass-Lawns looks like real grass and feels wonderfully soft
  • Easy to clean-Requires little maintenance
  • Saves time and water-No need to water, mow, weed or fertilize. All of this saves money so look at your synthetic lawn as an investment in your home.
  • Warranty-Have peace of mind with a warranty
  • Longevity-An artificial lawn will last for many years
  • Children and animals-Loved by the whole family
  • Versatility-Artificial Grass can match any garden design, is available in various shades of green and can be installed anywhere, even inside your home or office
  • Children and animals-Loved by the whole family
  • Comfort and safety-For families with children, the artificial turf feels wonderfully soft and provides a safe flooring solution for play areas.
  • Pets love it-For pet owners, fake grass will not get muddy, is durable and is easy to clean.
  • Non-allergenic and hygienic-For people with allergies such as hay fever, artificial grass will help to prevent any irritation

Installing and landscaping a garden takes time, money and effort. Investing in synthetic Turf is something you will not regret as you will enjoy your synthetic lawn for many years. 

But before you set out to buy artificial grass, we recommend you do a bit of research to find out the different types available. Of course, you should not forget checking out the prices as they vary considerably and keep in mind that there is more than just the price of the grass to consider. Pay attention to the price of the project as a whole including costs for carrying out the preparation work and installation.

Artificial grass vs natural grass in home gardens

The choice between an artificial lawn versus a natural lawn is not easy. Your first thought might be that artificial grass is not for you. We have heard that before. However, there are many different types of artificial turf around, so there really is something for everyone. Whatever your needs, there is definitely something out there for you.

More pros than cons

We believe that artificial grass has more pros than cons and we will elaborate on these on this page. Your first and main concern may be that artificial grass is just that, it is fake. However, this does not mean that it should look and feel fake. A good quality grass has a very natural feel to it and it is nice and soft. You will not believe it is artificial!

Easy garden maintenance

Enjoy maximum enjoyment and keep maintenance low. That is what it’s all about. Natural grass only grows when it is regularly watered. Imagine what it would look like after three weeks of drought… Not a nice thought. On the other hand, too much water is also not great as the grass grows too quickly and you will end up spending your precious leisure time pushing a lawnmower. Artificial grass doesn’t grow. Simple. It will not wither, nor will it get burnt by too much sun. 

Always neat

No matter what, your artificial lawn will always look inviting and neat. Other natural nuisances to natural grass, like weeds, twigs and leaves, have no effect on your lawn either. It’s easy to sweep your artificial lawn without destroying the structure of the grass.


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It’s a great feeling to step outside and be greeted by greenery and the feel of real grass under your bare feet but if you have a patio, this may not be practical, particularly if this area is covered or raised. 

There are many surfaces you could use but the soft feel and aesthetic appeal of a synthetic outdoor carpet takes some beating.

Browse our section on balconies and terraces for more ideas.

Synthetic turf vs natural grass on patios

Artificial grass on patio


Adding natural grass to your patio is a great way to break up textures, add a bit of colour, and add a bit of nature to your patio. The only problem is that this can drastically increase the upkeep of your patio and suffer during the colder months.

However, if you want the benefits of grass without the maintenance, you do have an option that works well. That’s where artificial grass comes in for patios. This way, you can install artificial turf that looks like grass, giving your patio a fresh new look without worrying about the regular upkeep that a traditional lawn entails.

With artificial grass, you can take advantage of the benefits of grass without having to worry about pulling out a lawn mower every weekend.

A big part of making any home renovation decision is to consider not only the advantages but the disadvantages that a renovation can lead to as well. Just like any other home renovation, fake grass from your patio comes with pros and cons, both of which we’ll take a moment to break down here.

Pros and cons of patio artificial grass

Low maintenance – Let’s start with the positive aspects. For one, the aesthetic appeal of fake grass is obvious. It offers you all the enjoyment of a lush lawn while not requiring any of the extensive maintenance that comes with real grass.

No pesticides or fertilizers needed – Fake grass will maintain its healthy and manicured appearance without the need for steps like mowing or watering. This also means you won’t have to employ the use pesticides or fertilizers which can sometimes come with the maintenance of real grass.

Drys quickly – In addition, you can rely on artificial grass to dry rather quickly after it rains as it is perforated especially for easy drainage. This means that you can enjoy your patio almost any time without worrying.

Durable – Artificial grass is often more durable than a traditional lawn as well. This means that if you have a lot of foot traffic on your patio or it will be a place where kids play, you’re less likely to see the wear and tear that this type of activity will show on natural grass.

Dog and cats can use it to pee and poop – A great thing about artificial grass compared to natural grass is that dogs and cats can use it to urinate and poop without ruining it. There will be some maintenance such as washing off (warm water and a bit of dishwashing soap does the job) any urine and picking up poop. However, unlike real grass it will not discolour and die off. To help remove any pet urine smell from your artificial grass one can use one of the cat and dog outdoor odour removal products.

One draw back is that artificial grass can tend to get warmer than conventional grass, but then so do tiles or other hard surfaces, even wooden decks. One important thing to remember when choosing your faux grass is that the longer the pile, the cooler it will feel. Short pile cheap grass is definitely a no no.

Roof gardens

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Add a stylish, lively touch to your roof garden by laying artificial grass with a natural look and feel.

Create your own green oasis with a combination of real looking synthetic lawn, potted plants, garden furniture and other elements that you feel will add to this outdoorsy feel.

View the different types of artificial grass and choose the one that suits your balcony or roof terrace. A rooftop has the same requirements as for a balcony. The drainage must be well organized and the surface must be level. Also make sure you secure the outdoor grass carpet firmly as protection against breezy conditions.

Browse our section on balconies and terraces for more interesting ideas and recommendations.

Advantages of synthetic turf on roofs

  • Attractive with minimal maintenance
  • Absorbs noise and insulates
  • Protects roof covering, giving it longer life
  • Sustainable and safe for the environment
  • Stable in all weather conditions 
  • Has a long Lifespan
  • Increases value of the building itself and the surrounding buildings
  • Relatively low weight compared to gravel potection
Artificial grass on roof garden

Preventing common rooftop turf issues

Artificial grass is an amazing addition to any home or commercial space. It makes even the most unusable space livable. However, if not installed and maintained correctly you can run into many costly issues. When considering installing artificial grass there are a few main precautions to take to maintain the integrity of your installation.  

Mold and Water Damage

The best way to prevent water damage is to make sure a proper drainage system is installed. You want to make sure there is air circulation and water flow. With nowhere for the water to go, some of it will naturally evaporate over time but if there is heavy rainfall it can quickly lead to flooding into your home. Also, the same way you wouldn’t leave a food spill on your kitchen counter, you shouldn’t leave any spilled food or drink on your artificial grass. Regardless of whether the waste is left on natural grass, concrete, or artificial turf, mold will grow when combined with moisture. Regularly removing debris and cleaning up spills as they happen is critical to avoiding mold. 

Static Electricity

Sometimes we see artificial turf have issues with static electricity which can become very annoying. While it typically goes unnoticeable, there are ways to prevent this from happening. A tip to avoid static electricity is to place an iron under the surface nailed to the ground. This piece of metal will then become a conductor and absorb any electric charge. Copper is usually recommended in this situation. Another simple way to prevent static electricity is to just water your grass. Adding a fabric softener can also be useful.

Wrinkles & Buckling

In order to prevent wrinkles, we recommend installing a frame around the perimeter of the area where the artificial grass is being installed. The artificial grass will be stretched and stapled to the frame. Another option is applying a layer of sand infill on the surface of your newly installed grass. Remember though, that applying sand will eliminate the ability to vacuum your surface.


Because there is no soil to remove from your base, it is an easier process to install artificial grass on a balcony or patio. DIY artificial grass on a balcony can become nasty quickly if you don’t follow the correct steps. Check out our DIY Turf Installation article to learn how to lay your own turf on a balcony or rooftop. Or, here’s what to expect during installation:

1. Select the right grass: There are only a few types of grass that are compatible with these projects because you won’t be using infill for most installations.  Soft and heavy artificial turf with improved dimensional stability and antimicrobial technology is usually your best option.

2. Ensure the area is measured properly: Oftentimes people don’t purchase enough material. Artificial grass comes in rolls that are 4m and 2m wide so make sure you factor that in. In some cases, it may be necessary to cut the grass before bringing it to the residence because the rolls don’t fit through most door frames. 

3. Plan your manpower: You may be able to lift a lot, but in most cases, it takes at least 3 people to move large pieces of artificial grass. You will need 2 people to carry the grass while a third person navigates and watches the corners to prevent damage. Repairing any scratched or damaged areas is not a cost you want to add on. We recommend wrapping your rolls of grass to keep any sharp edges away from walls. Consider using a moving dolly, chiropractors also tend to be expensive.  

4. Measure the artificial grass 7 times, cut it once: You heard it right – there is no room for error. Once the grass is cut, it becomes very difficult to repair small areas especially if you are not gluing.

5. For areas that are over 30 sqm we recommend anyone installing artificial grass diy to install a layer of drain care to the base. This will help prevent any costly issues and give your area an adequate water drainage system. 

6. Lay the artificial grass and connect at the seams: This part is crucial. Do your research when it comes to the glue you use. You want to use glue that doesn’t expand and still secures the seams. Be very careful when applying the glue. If applied incorrectly glue can damage your floors. Make sure you are not violating any HOA rules when applying your adhesive. 

7. Hauling: You may have scraps left over that don’t fit in your regular bins. Plan to haul away any excess material. 

8. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new area. You’ve earned it! After putting in the time and money to enhance your space, it’s yours to enjoy.